Orange Spain launches ‘1 mobile, 1 tree’ recycling campaign

Orange Spain has launched a new initiative in its ongoing campaign to encourage users to hand in their old handsets at its stores throughout Spain. Under the “1 mobile, 1 tree” initiative, the operator commits to planting one tree for every device handed in. Orange is aiming to collect 10,000 smartphones before 10 August and company volunteers will subsequently organise a reforestation in a yet to be determined place. Continue reading…

Apple Stores now accept all Apple products for free recycling


Yesterday Apple released a new video entitled Better, which demonstrated the company’s focus on reducing their impact on the climate by becoming greener, conserving resources, and “leaving the world better than we found it.” Today that focus has been demonstrated by Apple’s increased efforts to recycle all of its products.


It is now possible to take any and all Apple products into an Apple Store and have them accepted for recycling for free. Got an iMac from 1998, a first generation iPhone, or maybe a broken iPad 2? All are accepted without question by Apple. Continue reading…

Apple’s recycling program recovered 2,204lbs of gold last year worth $40 million



Of all the tech companies out there it’s Apple that seems to be setting the standard for recycling. The company’s latest Environmental Responsibility Report not only shows how much effort Apple is putting into recycling, but how much it’s worth in actual recovered materials.

Apple offers multiple ways to easily recycle your old tech. There’s recycling collection events, take-back programs, and the ability to walk into any Apple Store to drop off an Apple device. You may even get something for it. According to the report, this has meant Apple has kept 597 million pounds of waste out of landfills since 1994. Last year, 90 million pounds of e-waste was collected, 71% of which Apple says is 7-year-old products. Continue reading…